Green Artists          &    Little Sewing Bees

Learning to draw and paint, make crafts in small class size for children age 4+.

Drawing and painting are Chau's favourite hobbies since a very young age, it's something she always loves. 

In her class, it's not only about making art, the content are often creative and meaningful such as drawing about the endangered species and the beautiful nature, also using recycled materials to make crafts, teaching children to care for our environment and the animals.



Hand Sewing class "Little Sewing Bees" for age 6+, it's a fun and practical skill to learn, we firstly learn basic hand stitches, then create cute and fun projects such as little cushion, handbag etc.





Day & Time:    Friday or Saturday afternoons 90 mins (Flexible Times)

Class age:      4+ (For Arts&Crafts), 6+ (For hand sewing)

Class size:     2-4

Fee:              $900/4 sessions with all materials included

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