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*Creative Ballet for aged 3-5*
An unique, creative and fun way to learn ballet through story telling, images, games and props like soft toys, wands, hoop, ribbons & scarf      



Wednesdays @ 4-4.55pm



North Park Activity Room B2 / Man Tung Road Sport Centre 



Self-prepared ballet outfits with ballet tights and shoes or barefoot with leggings, please bring a cuddly toy to dance with, long hair has to be tied up neatly 



$150 for a trial, afterwards 

$170/class for monthly payment or $190/class for one class or part of the month


Other Info 

*  Regular performances for parents at the end of terms

* Special sessions with themes, such as Halloween, Xmas 

* Extra & optional sessions on public holidays 

Latest comment :

"Ms Autmn taught my 4 year old daughter ballet after we moved from Central to Tung Chung.  My daughter previously went to a "famous" dance school in Central but found the teaching there technical and boring.  It was refreshing to meet Ms. Ho who integrated engaging creative play and games to the beautiful dancing she taught the children.  My daughter enjoyed these classes more than her previous lessons and also improved a lot as well, resulting in her learning more complicated ballet steps using the proper French terms.  Ms Ho is a talented teacher and I highly recommend her. "

From Tina, Nov 2022 


Little Ballerina Gallery

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