*Creative Ballet for aged 3-5*

 A creative and fun way to learn ballet by using images, story telling, games and props like soft toys, wands, ribbons, hoop & scarf      






Wednesdays @4-4.55pm (Morning Class will resume soon)


North Park Activity Room / Man Tung Road Sport Centre Room 3



Pink or purple Leotard with a simple light skirt, ballet tights and ballet shoes

Please bring a cuddly toy to dance with, long hair has to be tied up neatly 



$150 for a trial, afterwards 

$160/class for monthly payment or $180/class for one class or part of the month


Other Info 

*  Regular performances for parents at the end of terms

* Special sessions with themes, such as Halloween, Xmas 

* Makeup class for sickness with Doctor's note

* Certificate for completing all 3 terms of the year  


Please click Here for contact

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