"Summer Special"




          "Kids learn best when they are having FUN !!"


In this Class, we play creative physical and mental Games with toys, tools & objects, through which to help the Children to develop concentration, co-ordination, memory,  imagination, strength, leadership & team work, reactions & reflexes, expression and self-confidence etc, 

while having GREAT FUN!! The ones have tried really love it and

always asking for MORE!!!



Age:      3-5, 5-10

Time:    For aged 5-10 Mondays @ 2-3pm, Tuesdays @ 4-5pm

             For aged 3-5 Thursdays @3-4pm

Venue:  Man Tung Road Sport Centre Room 1 or 3 

Dress:   4D Class t-shirt ($70) with black/dark blue leggings/sport pants

Fee:      $120 for a trial, afterwards, $160/class (monthly) or $180(flexible)


Summer Special:

Combine with *Dance&Gym or *DramaBanana or *Creative Ballet will enjoy $30-$40 off per week   








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