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Founder & Teacher Miss Ho, Autumn

Autumn is a performing arts professional who graduated from the HK Academy for Performing Arts (APA) and London Laban Centre for Movements & Dance. She has 22 years of experience in teaching, performing and choreographing in HK, Taiwan, England, Germany and Holland.


Her various subjects include contemporary dance, ballet, tap, jazz, pop, creative dance, gymnastics, choreography, drama, musicals, improvisation, even Tai Chi and salsa. She is also an artist who loves Arts & Crafts, Design & Sewing too.


She has taught children and adults aged from 2.5 to 70,  from absolute beginners to university students and performing art professionals. Her experience in working with professionals includes creating over 25 stage pieces and public performances.  She choreographed and directed a dance film for Channel4 in England and was commissioned by NRW Meeting Neuer Tanz Festival in Germany. Back in HK, she has worked with CCDC, HK Ballet and created many individual productions and dance projects with universities.



Autumn has a passion for teaching; she believes children should be encouraged and inspired to try different subjects, especially from a young age, to develop different interests, talents, strengths and characters regardless of their abilities and levels. Nurtured and inspired, they can develop in a healthy balanced way both physically and mentally. There is no pressure of examination, however, an end of term performance will be held for families and friends to enjoy and see the children's achievement.

Autumn puts the emphasis on fun learning in a relaxed, happy, loving and caring atmosphere. Children will be encouraged to do their best, keep trying, never give up and to appreciate each other to develop friendship. This is the ethos of her class.


Apart from her physical education, she often highlights the importance of caring for our planet in her class to understand what has been happening in our environment and the world around us is as important. These 4 charity organisations are continuously supported by Autumn through her monthly donations.

*Save the Children



*The Nature Conservancy



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