20 Nov 2020


As the Covid19 cases have increased lately, we will be closely following the updates of the venues possible closure. Until then, classes will be continued as scheduled with precautionary measures such as temperature checks before entering the building, wearing face masks during class and washing hands before & after class. If venues are closed, all classes will be suspended until venues are reopened.

*We had a super fun Halloween Special week for costumes sessions with fun games, everyone loved it!! Next up is our Xmas Show from 15/12-21/12, soooo hope that it will go on as planned!!

For all class details, please go to class pages or contact 

Best wishes to everyone keeping fit and active to fight this virus, but at the same time, please do take good care of our environment and the animals by reducing our wastes, such as using the reusable washable face masks, cooking instead of take away to reduce all the packagings that come with it, no single use plastics, gloves, wipes etc. Please do our best to save this precious planet where we live on and depend on !!

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