Mar 2020


Wish you all happy Chinese New Year of the Ox!!

Fantastic news!!! The class venues *North Park Activity Room and the *Man Tung Road Sport Centre are reopened, all our classes will be resumed from 22/2 with precaution measures. Please confirm before joining class, click here for contact.

Best wishes to everyone in keeping fit and active to fight this virus, but at the same time, please do take good care of our environment and the animals by reducing our wastes. These are the few actions we can take to help:

-Using the reusable washable face masks

-Cut the strings of masks before disposing because wild animals may get tangled by it 

-Try not to use single use plastics, gloves, wipes etc

-Cooking at home instead of ordering take away or use your own containers to reduce all the packagings, say NO to plastic cutleries...etc


Please do our best to save this precious planet where we live on and depend on, best wishes to all in this new year 2021 !!!

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