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Happy Easter :) Spring term April - June 2023

*For Gymnastics & Ballet
Our term finished on a high note with the end of term performances. All parents very much enjoyed watching the children's achievements with great cheers especially for our Gymnastic Dance in Duets. It was the first time practicing partnering in gymnastics so we were glad to see how well the children did at the end especially for those who just joined us a few weeks ago.
In this term, we are working on new themes and challenges for the end of term performance which will be held in the last week of June.

*For DramaBanana
We have successfully previewed the first act of our play of the term "Fantasia Land", which is about a group of fairies and animals protecting their forest from an INVASION! We will continue to finalise the play and the performance will be at the end of June.

*The new term starts on 15th Apr until the end of June
*Summer and Autumn term from 3rd July to 16th Dec with a Summer Break from 17th July to 14th Aug.
Let's continue with more Creative & Fun learning!

Yes, COVID-19 measures have been eased, goodbye MASK!! Nevertheless, we should not dispose the unused ones quite yet just in case, as they will just end up in the landfill. Apart from taking good care of our health, please also care for our environment and the animals by reducing our waste and trying to eat less meat. These are a few actions we can take to help:
-Use the reusable washable face masks if it's still in use
-Cut the strings of masks before disposal because wild animals may get tangled in them.
-Try not to use the 'single-use' plastics, gloves, wet wipes etc.

-Cook at home instead of ordering take away or use your own containers to reduce all the packaging and plastic bags, say NO to plastic cutlery etc.
-Try being a vegetarian for better health.
-Please don't be wasteful and try your best to

"Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Remake..."  

*I have totally cut out single-use plastics and take away. Will you try too? 

All of us have to do our best to save this precious planet from the undeniable climate change crisis and pollution. Please, please put nature first before your convenience, save our planet to save ourselves!

"Happy Spring Time, let's hope this is a better year for humanity and our planet too!"


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