Sept-Dec 2021
Time truly flies, summer is over, hope you have a good start of this new school year 21-22 !!
Our classes carry on smoothly with some small changes of our Dance&Gymnastics schedule, the rest are staying the same. Please go onto the class info page to find out more and confirm before joining a class.

*Our DramaBanana has started working on this new exciting play
"Pirates & the Mermaids". We have so much fun rehearsing it and the final performance will be in mid Dec for all families and 4D+ friends :)

*For Dance&Gym and Ballet, all parents will be invited again to watch the children's achievement at the end of the term in Dec, also joining in a little to learn our exercises and perhaps a Jingle Bell Dance all together for Xmas too. 

*Special Halloween sessions are upon us with treats and some fun games in the last week of Oct:))

*Moreover, so glad that we could finally present the children the certif
icates of completion of the year, despite this difficult time of COVID-19, well done everyone !!
Please click here for contact.

Best wishes to everyone in keeping fit and active to fight this virus, but at the same time, please do take good care of our environment and the animals by reducing our waste. These are a few actions we can take to help, such as:
-Using the reusable washable face masks
-Cut the strings of masks before disposing because wild animals may get tangled by it 
-Try not to use the 'single-use' gloves, wet wipes etc

-Cooking at home instead of ordering take away or use your own containers to reduce all the packagings and plastic bags, say NO to plastic cutlery..etc
-Please don't be wasteful and try your best to

"Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Remake..."  

*I have totally cut single-use plastics and take away, and will you try too?? 

All of us have to do our best to save this precious planet from an undeniable crisis of climate change and the pollution. Please, please put nature first before your convenience, save our planet to save ourselves !!

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