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Spring term Apr-June, Summer Program from July- Aug

*For Gymnastics & Ballet
We have finished our winter term on a high note as usual by performing the children's progress to the parents. Everyone enjoyed it, especially danced the dynamic colourful ribbon at the end. 
Our spring term will start on 6th April until end of June for the next exiting theme of the term


*For DramaBanana
We will start our new term on 10th April until the e
nd of term performance in June



Click here SUMMER PROGRAMME with extra new classes start from

01/07-31/08/2024 with the regular classes 



A Green Note from Teacher Autumn

As the festive seasons are upon us, I hope we can celebrate with care for our environment and animals by reducing our waste and trying to eat less meat. Here are a few actions we can take to help:

  • If you are still using face masks, please try to use reusable washable face masks.

  • Before disposing of masks, cut the strings to prevent wild animals from getting tangled in them.

  • Avoid using single-use plastics, gloves, wet wipes, and other disposable items.

  • Cook at home instead of ordering takeout, or use your own containers to reduce packaging and plastic bag usage. Say no to plastic cutlery, etc.

  • Consider adopting a vegetarian diet for better health.

  • Be less wasteful and do your best to

"Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Remake..."  

*I have totally cut out single-use plastics and take away. Will you try too? 

All of us have to do our best to save this precious planet from the undeniable climate change crisis and pollution. Please, please put nature first before your convenience, save our planet to save ourselves!

Have been saying this...

"let's hope this is a better year for humanity and our planet too!"

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