DramaBananas Gallery


'DramaBanana' is our drama group that is ready to take on the challenge of producing a full drama play of 20-30mins in length.


In our drama class, we do fun games and exercises to develop  concentration, imagination, expression, creativity and confidence which form a good base for acting. After that, a play with an original story written by Teacher Chau is produced with dancing and singing. Not only are the stories great fun to do, they also deliver a positive, meaningful message such as caring for our environment and animals, being kind to others and more.


In the past, we have performed 6 successful plays with different themes. In the last term, we performed "Pirates of the Lantau Warrior" which was about saving the Chinese White dolphins and the plastic pollution of our sea with the compassion to help the others from the treasures they found. In this new term, we have 2 Drama groups on Wednesday & Saturday, they will start with some fun games and drama exercises which aim to produce of a full play.

Class time: Wednesdays @ 5-6pm or Saturdays @1-2pm

Venue: TC North Park Activity Room 

Fee: $160/class for term payment

Term time: Sept-Dec, Jan-April, April-June


For more information   👉   "GAME+DRAMA"














Photography by May James, Roy Yeung

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